International Association of General Contractors

IADC - International Association of General Contractors

Staff Development Training Center's provides IADC training. IADC’s DIT program offers a variety of accreditation opportunities for training institutions, providers and programs for both instructor-led classroom and computer-based courses.

IADC Accredited Safety Training Center

IADC Accredited Safety Training Center in Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia

About the Program

Program designed to ensure:

  • Consistency of minimum standards for similar courses across the industry
  • Review and recognition of training providers and courses that meet specified criteria
  • Stated course objectives are met for all courses in an accredited program
  • Instructors meet the expertise requirements set by the accredited training provider company
  • Specialized courses focus on transfer of identified practical knowledge
  • Participants are not exploited for purpose of sales opportunity

Train the Trainer (TTT)

  • Gas Tester TTT (2 Days)
  • Basic Fire Fighting TTT (2 Days)
  • Basic First Aid & CPR TTT (2 Days)
  • Confined Space TTT (2 Days)
  • Confined Space Entry Inspection TTT (2 Days)
  • Defensive Driving TTT (2 Days)
  • Emergency Response Leader TTT (2 Days)
  • Fall Protection TTT (2 Days)
  • Fire Warden TTT (2 Days)
  • H2S & SCBA TTT (2 Days)
  • Hazard Recognition TTT (2 Days)
  • Hazcom TTT (2 Days)
  • Lockout / Tagout TTT (2 Days)
  • Manual Handling TTT (2 Days)
  • Permit To Work TTT (2 Days)
  • Respiratory Protection TTT (2 Days)
  • Rigging & Lifting TTT (2 Days)
  • Safety Officer TTT (2 Days)
  • Spill Prevention TTT (2 Days)
  • Drop Objects TTT (2 Days)

Course Summary

Staff Development Training Center is pleased to offer IADC Train the Trainer and Training Programs. IADC certifications are recognized not only in the oil and gas but all other major industries in Saudi Arabia and globally. Our focus is on student satisfaction as our programs are designed to build capabilities of individuals and trainers who seek to move their career forward. We have trained and professional instructors with decades of field experience that enables them to explain complex topics with ease. We conduct both on-site and off-site training.