eosh certification

What is EOSH?

EOSH UK is a dynamic organization dedicated to advancing careers in health and safety through exceptional qualifications. They focus on providing individuals with essential skills and a competitive career edge. With globally recognized accreditations, their programs ensure credibility and recognition worldwide. By adhering to the strict ISO IEC 17024:2012 standard, EOSH UK emphasizes professionalism and ethical learning, offering valuable qualifications tailored to meet learners’ needs. This commitment enhances the learning experience and benefits students and training centers alike. Through their high standards and ethical approach, EOSH UK elevates health and safety education, promoting safer workplaces and improving career opportunities for certification holders.


Start a safe and successful journey with EOSH UK’s courses. These eosh certifications are designed for different industries and will help you become an expert in health and safety. Here’s what each course offers:



Learn to operate aerial lifts safely, emphasizing on preventive maintenance and safe Handling in different environments.

Man Rider Operator

Air Hoist Safety

Focuses on the safe operation of air hoists, including inspection, handling, and emergency procedures.

Compressed Gas

Compressed Gas

Understand the proper storage, handling, and use of compressed gas cylinders to prevent accidents.


Banksman Slinger Art

Covers communication and signaling techniques for safe Controlling and slinging of loads.

Fire Safety for Fire Wardens

Basic Fire Fighting

Teaches the basics of fire prevention, firefighting equipment use, and emergency evacuation.

Emergency First Aid with CPR for all Ages

Basic First Aid & CPR

Offers essential skills in first aid and CPR, preparing individuals to respond to medical emergencies.


Forklift Safety

Focuses on forklift operation safety, including handling, loading, and storage procedures.

Full Body Harness

Full Body Harness

Learn about the selection, inspection, and proper use of full-body harnesses in work-at-height scenarios.

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Fire Watch

Prepares individuals to monitor and maintain fire safety during hot work operations.

Confined Space supervisor

Confined Space Entry

Covers safety protocols for entering, working in, and exiting confined spaces.

Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety

Provides knowledge on preventing electrical hazards and safe working practices around electrical equipment

HACCP CODEX Principles


Introduces Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points principles for food safety.

Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving

Teaches driving techniques that help prevent accidents and improve road safety.



Offers insights into handling hazardous materials safely, including storage, transportation, and spill response.

Hands Injury

Hands Injury

Focuses on preventing hand injuries through proper safety practices and equipment.

Noise Awareness

Noise Awareness

Raises awareness about occupational noise hazards and protective measures.


Authorized Gas Testing

Trains individuals to perform gas testing in potentially hazardous environments safely.


Certified Safety Officer

Prepares participants to oversee and implement effective workplace safety programs.

Ladder Safety

Ladder Safety

Covers the safe use, inspection, and maintenance of ladders.



Introduces strategies to stop accidents before they happen through awareness and preventive measures.


Permit to Work

Explains the permit-to-work system as a key part of managing work safely in hazardous systems.



Provides training on the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System for handling hazardous substances.

Hazard Recognition

Hazard ID

Teaches techniques for identifying and assessing workplace hazards.

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Drop Objects

Focuses on preventing injuries from falling objects at the workplace.

Confined Space supervisor

Confined Space Entry Inspection

Advanced training on inspecting confined spaces for safety compliance.

Risk Assessment

Risk Management

Offers strategies for identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks in the workplace.

Risk Management

Risk Management/JHA

Combines risk management with Job Hazard Analysis for comprehensive workplace safety planning.

Safety Leadership

Safety Leadership

Develops leadership skills for promoting and enhancing workplace safety culture.

Work at Height2

Scaffolding Safety

Covers safe erection, inspection, and dismantling of scaffolding.

Stuck Pipe Prevention

Stuck Pipe Prevention

Teaches techniques to prevent pipe sticking incidents in drilling operations.


Train The Trainer Skills

Prepares participants to effectively teach and transfer safety knowledge.

Waste Management

Waste Management

Offers best practices for managing and disposing of waste safely and sustainably.


Lockout – Tagout

Introduces procedures for isolating energy sources to prevent accidental startup during maintenance.

Overhead Crane Safety

Lifting Equipment

Focuses on the safe operation and maintenance of lifting equipment.

4 x 4 Desert Driving

4 x 4 Desert Driving

Specialized training for safely driving 4×4 vehicles in desert conditions.

Bloodborne Pathogens

Bloodborne Pathogens

Teaches how to minimize exposure to bloodborne pathogens in the workplace.

Heat Stress Prevention

Heat Stress Prevention

Offers strategies for preventing heat stress and heat-related illnesses.

Traffic Management

Traffic Management

Covers the planning and implementation of effective traffic management systems.

Machine Guarding

Machine Guarding

Focuses on the use of guards to protect workers from machinery hazards.

Emergency First Aid at Work and Use of an AED

Confined Space Rescue

Provides training for rescuing workers from confined spaces in an emergency.


Manual Lifting

Teaches safe manual lifting techniques to prevent injuries.

Critical Crane Lift

Critical Crane Lift (Level II)

Advanced training for planning and executing critical crane lifts.


H2S Awareness And SCBA

Offers awareness of hydrogen sulfide risks and the use of Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus.


Emergency Rescue Team

Prepares teams for efficient response in various emergency situations.

Food Safety 2

Serve Safe Food Handling

Teaches safe food handling practices to prevent foodborne illnesses.

Health and Safety in the Workplace 3

Occupational Health & Safety

Comprehensive overview of health and safety practices in the workplace

Rigging Lifting

Overhead Crane Safety

Emphasizes on safe operating practices, routine checks, and preventive maintenance for overhead cranes to avoid accidents.

Emergency First Aid at Work

Emergency Communication

Teaches effective communication strategies during emergencies to ensure clear, calm, and effective dissemination of information.


Emergency Response Leader

Prepares individuals to take charge during emergency situations, ensuring timely and organized response to mitigate impact.

Safety for Lone Workers

Safety for Lone Workers

Focuses on safety measures and protocols for individuals working alone, highlighting risk assessment and emergency planning.

Working with Asbestos

Working with Asbestos

Offers insights into identifying asbestos, understanding its risks, and safe handling practices to prevent exposure.

Crisis Communication

Crisis Communication

Covers strategies for managing communications during a crisis to maintain public trust and manage information flow.

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment

Teaches about the selection, use, maintenance, and limitations of personal protective equipment in the workplace.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Provides guidelines and best practices for the safe transportation of hazardous materials by road, air, and sea.


Fire Extinguisher Training

Offers practical knowledge on different types of fire extinguishers, their uses, and techniques for extinguishing small fires.

Rigging Orientation

Safety in Excavation & Shoring

Covers safety practices and precautions for excavation and shoring operations to prevent collapses and accidents.

Behavior Based Safety

Behavior-Based Safety

Focuses on changing individual and organizational behavior to improve safety performance and reduce workplace accidents