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IOSH full form is (The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health ) is a leading global professional organization dedicated to promoting health and safety. Known for its high-quality courses like IOSH Managing Safely and IOSH Working Safely, This course aims to improve knowledge and skills in the field. Their safety courses help establish and elevate workplace standards, with programs like managing safely playing a key role in preventing hazards and creating a safer work environment. Enhancing the overall quality of work environments contributes to the well-being of workers. This article provides essential information on this IOSH certificate, including eligibility requirements, fees, and other important details. If you’re interested in learning more about this prestigious institution, be sure to read the entire article.

IOSH Managing Safely certification

What is an IOSH Certificate?

It is a big organization like NEBOSH in the UK that focuses on workplace health and safety. It has members in over 130 countries. This course sets standards, offers resources, and helps members develop professionally. The organization also works on improving workplace safety and health for workers worldwide. It has different courses to help improve health and safety at work, such as the IOSH Managing Safely and IOSH Working Safely courses.

What is IOSH Training?

These trainings are aimed at employees and managers who don’t have specific responsibility for health and safety or are working in a lower-risk industry. These qualifications help people in all sectors stay healthy and safe at work. There are two courses available that are as follows.

IOSH Working Safely:

The primary purpose of the working safety course is that all the employees should have a great understanding of hazards, and they cover all the essentials of health and safety in the factory. After completing this course one should work as a Safety Officer in any organization. This one-day course covers all the crucial topics about health and safety in the workplace. Each employee in an organization can learn about this program.

The course is scheduled in 4 modules:

  • Introducing working safely
  • Defining hazards and risks
  • Identifying common hazards
  • Improving safety performance

IOSH Managing Safely:

Iosh Managing Safely certificate provides the knowledge and skills to team leaders, managers, and supervisors to manage health and safety within their team. This three-day course gives supervisors, managers, and team leaders essential skills and knowledge to manage safety and health within their teams.

The IOSH Managing Safely Course is divided into seven modules. These are as follows.

  • Introducing managing safely
  • Understanding your responsibilities
  • Identifying hazards
  • Assessing risks
  • Controlling risks
  • Investigating accidents and incidents
  • Measuring performance

Choosing the right course is a big step towards your career in health and safety. Are you wondering where to start or which course will suit your career goals? Our institute is here to help. With a simple click, you can find a course that matches your needs and experience. Whether you’re beginning your journey or aiming to boost your expertise, we’ve got you covered. Click below to start exploring and take the next step in your health and safety officer career.

Entry Requirement for Course

There are no formal criteria for these courses. You only need to have an appropriate standard of the English language to understand and articulate the concepts of the syllabus.

IOSH Course Fees in Saudi Arabia

The course fees vary from area to area, depending on which institute you choose to learn the skill. Usually, it depends on the instructor and the institution.

Who Will Choose the Course

  • Fresher
  • Supervisors
  • Safety officer
  • Safety engineer
  • Safety manager
  • Management-level staff
  • Someone who wants to gain safety knowledge
  • Individuals who want to change their career to safety.

Mode of Study





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At your workplace

IOSH Certificate Verification

The IOSH certificate is recognized worldwide. It is a well-known training in the health and safety field. After completing IOSH training, you are eligible to apply for an IOSH certificate. you can check your iosh membership and iosh training certificate online.

You can verify your membership certificate through your membership number, which you can find on the bottom left side of your membership card. By clicking this link and following the instructions you can verify your certificate.

On the other hand you can also verify your training certificate through your certificate number, which you can find on the bottom right corner of your iosh training certificate. By clicking this link and following the instructions you can easily verify your certificate.

Why Choose STAFF?

The Staff Development Training Center is proud to be one of the leading places in Saudi Arabia for health and safety training. We’ve been around for 14 years and during that time, we’ve developed special training courses for people who work on-site or online. These courses are especially useful for those in the oil, gas, chemical, and construction fields. When you join our training programs, you become part of a supportive community that focuses on helping you grow in your career.

Our training is well-regarded because it meets strict safety standards, making us the preferred choice for leading companies that want to improve their employees’ safety skills. At our center, we do more than just teach; we form strong connections with our students and provide them with continuous support and advice on safety, ensuring they feel confident and secure at work.

Choosing the Staff Development Training Center is more than just about learning; it’s an investment in your future career and personal success. By becoming part of our safety community, you’ll have access to experts in the field, job opportunities, and resources for continuous learning. Joining our courses is an important step towards making workplaces safer and advancing your career.


You can use an online checker to verify your IOSH certificate. Use the IOSH membership grade checker and put the required information. 

Basically, The IOSH Managing Safely qualification has no expiry date. However, IOSH advises that you refresh your certificate every three years by taking an IOSH Managing Safely refresher course.

IOSH Managing Safely Course is a level 2 course that is perfect for managers, supervisors, and team leaders. You don’t need specific knowledge of safety and health, just prefer standard English.

IOSH is a membe­rship body with practical courses, while NEBOSH provides the­oretical qualifications. What to choose? It relie­s on your needs and goals. NEBOSH exams give­ in-depth knowledge suitable­ for some careers. But IOSH course­s offer real-world skills, bette­r for other roles. Both of the courses will help you to get a job as a safety officer.