tvtc courses

What is TVTC?

TVTC stands for the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation. It is a governmental organization in Saudi Arabia that focuses on providing technical and vocational training to Saudi citizens.

The TVTC aims to enhance the skills and capabilities of the Saudi workforce by offering various vocational training programs and courses in different fields.

Moreover, TVTC collaborates with educational institutions, training centers, and industries to develop training programs aligned with the needs of the labor market.

These programs cover a wide range of technical and vocational specialties, including areas such as engineering, information technology, healthcare, hospitality, automotive, construction, and more.

Why TVTC Training?

The TVTC’s primary goal is to equip Saudi nationals with the necessary skills and qualifications to enter the workforce, contribute to the country’s economic development, and meet the demands of the job market both nationally and internationally. They strive to bridge the gap between education and industry by providing quality vocational training and certifications that align with industry standards and requirements.

TVTC Training Programs

confined space training

Confined Space

Learn confined space entry procedures in our one-day confined space course.

First Aid & CPR, AED course

First Aid & CPR, AED

Master First Aid, CPR, and AED skills in our comprehensive course.

First aid course

First Aid

Learn essential First Aid skills to respond to emergencies.

H2S Awareness & Scba course

H2S Awareness & Scba

Master H2S awareness and SCBA use in our one-day course.

Basic Fire Fighting course

Basic Fire Fighting

Learn basic firefighting skills in our hands-on course.

Job Safety Analysis course

Job Safety Analysis

Master Job Safety Analysis in our practical course.

Air Hoist Operator course

Air Hoist Operator

Train as a certified Air Hoist Operator in our comprehensive course.

Scissor Lift course

Scissor Lift

Operate scissor lifts with confidence after our one-day training.

Forklift Safety course

Forklift Safety

Learn essential skills for secure forklift operation in our one-day training.



Stay safe at work with hazard communication training.

Fire Team Leader Course

Fire Team Leader

Lead fire safety efforts and emergency response.



Handle hazardous materials safely and effectively.

4 x 4 Desert Driving Course

4 x 4 Desert Driving

Master driving skills for desert conditions

Flagman Course


Safely guide traffic with proper signaling techniques.

Man Rider Operator Course

Man Rider Operator

Operate transportation machinery with precision.

Fire Warden Course

Fire Warden

Ensure safety and manage fire emergencies.

Hazard Recognition Course

Hazard Recognition

Identify potential hazards to prevent accidents.

Fire Watch Course

Fire Watch

Monitor for fire hazards and respond appropriately.

Overhead Crane Safety Course

Overhead Crane Safety

Operate overhead cranes with safety protocols.

Banksman Course


Guide vehicles and equipment safely on site.

Drop Object/Awareness Course

Drop Object/Awareness

Prevent accidents by staying alert to falling objects.

Electrical Safety Course

Electrical Safety

Work safely with electricity to prevent accidents.

Respiratory Protection Course

Respiratory Protection

Protect your respiratory system from harmful substances.

Fall Protection Course

Fall Protection

Prevent falls and stay safe at elevated heights.

Asbestos Awareness Course

Asbestos Awareness

Recognize and understand the risks of asbestos exposure.

Risk Assessment Course

Risk Assessment

Assess potential risks and hazards in the workplace.

Authorized Gas Tester course

Authorized Gas Tester

Test for hazardous gases safely and accurately.

Spill Prevention Course

Spill Prevention

Implement measures to prevent and respond to spills.

Stuck Pipe Prevention Course

Stuck Pipe Prevention

Prevent pipes from getting stuck during operations.

Scaffolding Safety Course

Scaffolding Safety

Follow safety procedures when working on scaffolds.

Emergency Rescue Team course

Emergency Rescue Team

Be prepared to respond to emergencies and save lives.

Manual Handling Course

Manual Handling

Learn safe techniques for lifting and moving objects.

Emergency Response Leader course

Emergency Response Leader

Take charge in emergencies and coordinate responses.

Lockout – Tagout Course

Lockout – Tagout

Implement procedures to prevent machinery accidents.

Emergency Rescue Team Leader Course

Emergency Rescue Team Leader

Lead a team in emergency response and rescue efforts.

Working at height course

Working At Height

Follow safety measures when working at elevated levels.

Confined Space Entry Supervisor course

Confined Space Entry Supervisor

Supervise confined space entries to ensure safety.

Rigging & Lifting course

Rigging & Lifting

Safely rig and lift heavy loads on site.

Rig Orientation course

Rig Orientation

Learn the basics of rigging operations and techniques.

Confined Space Rescue Team course

Confined Space Rescue Team

Be part of a team trained to rescue individuals from confined spaces.

permit to work course

Permit to Work

Ensure safe work procedures with our permit-to-work training.

Safety Officer course

Safety Officer

Develop expertise in hazard identification, risk management, and safety regulations (Safety Officer training).